Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I love Mother's Day.  I don't love it because I get breakfast in bed, or because I am lavished with expensive jewelry or fancy flowers.  I saw a segment on the news that said the average amount spent on mother's day gifts is $150! I was kind of taken aback. I couldn't imagine spending $150 on a mother's day gift for my mother.  Not because she isn't worth it, but because she is worth so much more!

I am grateful for my mother. She is my friend and my advisor. She's a wonderful mom and a fantastic grandma.  Over the years I made my mom many awful little gifts and some pretty tacky cards.  One year, I was maybe seven or eight, I gave her a beat-up Sucrets box with a few pennies, a safety pin and some rocks in it.  I think I drew a picture too.  That gift was certainly not a pair of diamond earrings but she treasured it as if it was.  Years later I saw that she had lovingly saved that box along with many of the other things I had made for her.  Thankfully the quality of my handmade gifts has improved, but my mom seemed to love the junk just as much as the nicer things I made her later in life.  
I didn't understand why. . . .until I became a mother. 
Yes, I love Mother's day because despite the challenges and daily frustrations that come with being a mom, I am reminded that I wouldn't trade my "job" for any other. 

Friday afternoon Little K ran in the door shouting, "Mom! I want to give you your Mother's Day gift, RIGHT NOW!".  Who could argue with that?  
He handed me this bright poster of his hand prints and a little poem.  I thought how big he is getting and that his little hands will soon be larger than mine.

Little K's Hands

It made me think back to the day we brought him home from the hospital.  I snapped this picture with our digital camera as we were in the car driving home.  
My heart stops a moment when I see how tiny his hand was in this photo. *sigh*

Little K's hand

When I got up Sunday morning I saw him quietly sitting at the table concentrating very hard on something  before him.  I have no idea how long he had been there but I was given strict instructions to "stay away".  An hour later he brought me this creation.  I like to call it my bling bouquet.  When I looked at the meticulous detail he put into lining up each little rhinestone to make his flowers my heart swelled.  He did that for me!
See the tiny sea shells and birds?  He said he knew they are my favorite.

Little K's Bouquet

Then there is my big boy who is getting ready to leave elementary school behind him.  His independence grows every day and I see my cuddly, little boy slowly disappearing.  
He brought this card home from school.

  Big K's Card

Inside he drew a picture of us shopping. I don't know why, but he thinks that shopping with mom is fun. 
On the back of the card was a series of fill in the blank sentiments.  
My favorites were:  "You make me feel good when"  He wrote, I'm hurt, I'm sick, or sad.  
That made me feel good!
"You are good at so many things.  Here are three of them"  He wrote, You are good at art, helping me, and food.  I'm hoping he meant that I am good at cooking food and not just good at eating it.
Most of the time I feel very inadequate when it comes to helping him with things like math homework.
I'm grateful he thinks I'm good at it, even though we are really learning it together.
But did you notice the first thing he listed?? ART! *warm fuzzy feeling*    

Saturday night he had a sleep-over at Grandma's.
When he came home on Sunday morning he handed me this plate and said,
 "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Look what I made you! Well, Grandma helped me."

Big K's Cookies

Mmmmmm.  Peanut Butter cookies!  Fresh-out-of-the-oven peanut butter cookies, no less!  
Yes, there were more than two cookies.  No, I did not have help eating them.  
See?  I really am good at food! 

 Flowers wilt, and while jewelry is nice it can't compare to the thought and love I know my boys put into their gifts for me.  What's better?  My sweet mom helped Big K make his gift for me and they had fun together. Time spent together is time well spent.  

Handmade is heart-felt and I wouldn't trade my Mother's Day He{art} for anything!  
 I hope that your day was filled with as many treasures and blessings as mine!


  1. You are such a wonderful Mom. It is so sweet that your kids appreciate the beautiful things about you - you are so loved! BTW, I am loving the look of your blog - so pretty!! Can't wait to see you guys soon!! xxoo

  2. This year was the first Mothers' Day where my kids were finally old enough to know that on Mothers' Day they are supposed to be nice to me ALL DAY. They even cleaned their room without me asking. It was wonderful!